Torero - Distributor


Distributor Value Proposition:

  • In stock products and within 48-hour dispatch - We always have an inventory of our best- selling products which we can pack and dispatch within 48 hours from receiving the order. The in-stock products are those which have the maximum sell-through and ordered most frequently by our customers. This helps us significantly reduce the dispatch timelines and fulfill orders on or before time
  • High Conversion product - We have an estimate of about 98% repeat orders. The products are of premium quality and are available at customer-friendly prices. The brands and products we offer are highly recommended by the distributors. All our products have premium packaging, the look, and feel of luxury products is what attracts the customer most.
  • Great Margin - We believe that we want to help our customers/ distributors make money, we want to be their go-to brand for products. We offer great margins to our distributors, because of which he is able to offer great prices to his customers. By doing this our distributors and customers are happy and hence we get a lot of reorders. We are one of the brands which offer such premium products at distributor friendly margins.

Gifts and Premium value proposition:

  • New and Uniqueness - We have a very unique method of replenishing stock which ensures that every time we replenish the main offering remains the same but the customer gets new designs. We have a full design team designing the products and launching the same thrice a year. This ensures that we offer customers new and exciting products each time.
  • High Conversion and most popular gift sets - The gift sets we offer are preferred by the customers in comparison to the other gift sets available in the market. Our gifts are a complete package and take into consideration the utility and premium aspect of the gift. Our gift sets are unique and well priced.
  • Something on customization - Customisation helps in standing out from the rest, generate more sales, and increase the profit margins. The packaging and the product both can be customized with the required logo or branding for no extra charge (on order basis). The customized products are seen as a unique item with value and design to meet their specific needs.