About Police

Iconic Italian Urban, Street fashion brand, known for their inimitable style. POLICE is known for their sunglasses, and watches.

The basic idea was to bring the typical design of the fashion world into the yet unexplored sunglasses market, inspiring and endorsing the new trends and presenting a different collection every year. The brand name itself was not chosen by chance.

The Police street style was created for the specific purpose of launching in Europe a range of unisex sunglasses inspired by an American, on-the-road lifestyle, and soon stood out for its strong personality.

It was designed for young people, either by age or lifestyle, a little bold, rebellious, trying to constantly affirm their unconventionality. It was revolutionary: sunglasses no longer had the sole purpose of protecting the wearer’s eyes, but became a fashion accessory too. Now, POLICE has ventured into leather accessories and aims to make its presence felt with product designs that have never been seen before. With an aim to challenge conventional designs, the designs are aimed to

The name is no coincidence. It triggers the imagination and dreams, especially of the younger generations, and offers a whole new outlook, across the ocean and against the tide. The name evokes the American “on the road” lifestyle, but also the strong urban spirit of the city of all cities: New York.

POLICE is one of the fastest growing Italian fashions brands. The current Brand Ambassador is none other than Neymar Jr. (the Captain of the Brazilian football team, and Barcelona striker).